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Everyone wants the fairy tale, but fairy tales don’t come easy when the marriage is battling to overcome past shame, sin and betrayal. Shannon McGraw divulges in the early struggles of her marriage to Neal as they overcome sexual intimacy issues, abusive behaviors toward one another that bleed into their parenting and the imminent threat of an extramarital affair and divorce. Redeemed reveals the self-destructive behavior Shannon was led into because of the shame of rape and guilt of self-imposed inexcusable sin.

Shannon unfolds this truth through the continuation of her journey in accepting love, intimacy, worthiness, and forgiveness through the gift of marriage and motherhood. Redeemed portrays Shannon’s ever strengthening love story with God as she struggles to accept the gifts He has waiting for her and the courage it takes to trust when her spirit has been deeply wounded by the past.

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Exposed: Inexcusable Me . . . Irreplaceable Him

EXPOSED is a true modern day love story between God and a girl and the enemy who wants to tear them apart.

Raped at seventeen and then again as a freshman in college, Shannon McGraw felt completely bypassed by love. Rebelling against the violent attacks on her body and struggling to quiet the pain through self–abuse, her feelings of worthlessness eventually became so palpable she could not fathom how anyone – most especially God – could love her. This only caused her to push deeper into her own torment.

Shannon McGraw spent nearly two decades of her life in the darkest valleys of self–destruction, believing she was unworthy of God’s love. After witnessing as a child the sex and drug–induced downfall of her older sister, Shannon turned away from her Catholic faith and upbringing and found herself caught in a wild and carefree lifestyle. She drank, partied, and sought comfort in abusive relationships, only to be raped not once but twice–by two different men.

“I endured countless, inexcusable trials walking further and further way from the embrace of Christ because I felt too unworthy to look back,” Deitz recounts. “And worse, I didn’t want to be like them, those who were self–righteous…holier than thou. I liked me.” At least she thought she did.

Then, at the age of 27, unable to fight the battle raging inside her any longer, she gave it all up. Face down on her bedroom floor with her life in shambles all around her, McGraw surrendered every aspect of her being to God. She gave up the self–judgment, the condemnation, the need to be better. She let it all go. And in that moment she finally understood the truth–that her life had never belonged to her. It had always belonged to God.

Exposed: Inexcusable Me . . . Irreplaceable Him is one woman’s courageous journey down the path of spiritual self–discovery. Not only does this book expose the awful truths of physical and emotional abuse, but it also exposes the truth that, no matter how deeply our wounds may run, we will always be worthy of God’s healing grace.

This book offers faith–based encouragement for teenagers and adults who have suffered physical or emotional abuse. Through the extremely personal, no–holds–barred account of one woman’s journey down a self–destructive path, it addresses such issues as spiritual warfare, the need to be loved, and the need to relinquish control of one’s self to God.